Collection building

In collaboration with Directors and Curators, David has sourced in France numerous artworks for State and National museums in Australia, thus helping to enrich and fill gaps in important public collections. He has also helped build a number of significant private collections, responding to the aims and tastes of the collectors while ensuring an overall coherency and high quality of acquisitions.

Many private collections begin in a haphazard way. However, as a collection grows, a strategy becomes necessary to ensure the development of a coherent and meaningful group of artworks.
Paris Art Consulting specializes in the development of such a collecting strategy in which Dr Butcher proposes works of art that reflect his clients’ taste and correspond to their living environment and budget, while also representing a sound financial investment.

Market research and documentation

Each work of art becomes the object of rigorous market research using electronic databases to assess comparative market values. A report is prepared on its aesthetic quality and historical significance, while situating the artwork in the context of the oeuvre of the artist. Provenance, exhibition history and bibliographic details are extremely important and add to the value of a work of art. David’s background in fine art and knowledge of art history, permit him to select only the finest works of art for acquisition.

Private negotiation and bidding

During 30 years as an art consultant in Paris, Dr Butcher has developed a wide range of contacts with art galleries, dealers, specialists, auction houses, museums and private collectors. Whether acquiring from a gallery, a dealer, a private collector or at auction, Paris Art Consulting can bid or negotiate on your behalf and use well founded arguments in negotiations to obtain the best possible price.

Condition reporting

Apart from questions of aesthetic quality and historical significance, it is important to be reassured on the condition of a work of art. Drawing on 13 years of museum experience as a conservator, David Butcher prepares museum standard condition reports on all works of art prior to acquisition. Physical deterioration, fading, discolouration and excessive restoration can have a serious effect on the value of a work of art. A thorough condition report prepared by a specialist is a guarantee of your investment.


Paris Art Consulting works regularly with the most important specialist art transport companies in France. Close collaboration with the transport company on every detail, including export licenses, insurance, and packing, ensures a safe delivery.


David is an approved valuer for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. For donations, acquisitions and exhibition loans, he provides valuations for European paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, watercolours and illustrated books (post 1800).